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Is a working bloodline right for you?
What to expect

As ethical breeders we put a lot on emphasis on matching our dogs to the most suitable homes. We will happily discuss all the pro's and con's and talk you out of one of our dogs rather than do 'the hard sell'. We don't breed for profit but for the betterment of the breed at large. It is our responsibility to help guide you towards the right dog for your application/lifestyle. The working bloodlines are not suitable for everyone. here you will find information to help you make an informaed decision, before contacting us.

How Morekos pups are raised. The importance of doing it correctly.

Before your puppy leaves to join your family it will have already experienced many different sights, sounds and environments designed to help them adjust faster and be prepared for the next chapter in life.


This is not something all breeders will do and we encourage those looking for a puppy to do their research and understand the difference made by correct puppy raising techniques. Here is a sneak peak at a Morekos puppy from birth to 8 weeks...…

Raising and training your puppy for success

How a puppy is raised and trained has as much impact on its final temperament as the genetic potential it was born with. There are good and bad influences and lots of good and bad advice freely available online. Here we offer an insight into what works best for our dogs and what our preference is for training and why. If you find it is not in line with your own beliefs, please look for another breeder. Our dogs are bred for our needs; they will perform at their best if the new owner is of the same mindset.

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