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Detection dogs - Specialist in conservation detection dogs.

Morekos train and supply detector dogs and dog teams for conservation scent detection. 

Other odours can be tailored to suit the clients specifications outside of conservation work, i.e narcotic / tobacco / electronics, etc.

CDCC canine Detection Certification Council

Conservation Detector dogs play a pivotol role in assisting in research with ecologist, zoologists, conservationists, universities and government departments. A certified detection dog is trianed to efficiently and effectivly locate target odour whilst remaining under complete control of the handler. Greatly reducing and eliminating the risk that an insufficently trained dog could pose to native species. (including those they have been "hired" to protect). By utilising a CERTIFIED dog you can expect to save:

  • Time - Dogs are faster in the field, than humans.

  • Resources - one dog can work more effectivly than many people.

  • Money - the above allows savings that can be spent in other areas of conservation.

The dogs we utilise are Pedigree German Shepherds and English Springer Spaniels, selectivly bred for their working ability, health and overal soundness. We don't gamble with outcomes, knowing the family history is an important consideration for ensuring a quality working animal that is fit for purpose.

Our professional training combined with genetically suitable dogs, means we can offer quality assurance to the work. Our dogs are trained with humane, scientifically up to date techniques and can safely and reliably perform on or off lead.

German Shepherd, Springer Spaniel puppy detector dogs

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Armidale NSW and Brisbane QLD Australia  

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