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Is a working German Shepherd or working English Springer Spaniel the right dog?

Morekos and Beskarhund are two breeding prefixes that produce the German Shepherd and English Springer Spaniel to preserve the working ability of the breed. The pedigrees are referred to as 'working bloodlines' as the dogs are selected for their physical and mental abilities rather than focusing on the overall appearance or 'breed standard'. As such the temperament of the dogs is not for everyone or every home. It is important to consider temperament first and foremost, if it doesn't align with your lifestyle then it's not the dog for you. A dog is a long-term commitment that must not be rushed in to, instead carefully planned and prepared for. As ethical breeders we make every effort to match our pups to those who can suitably care for them with a lifestyle that matches that of the dog's needs. We will NOT do a hard sale to talk someone into buying our pups, we prefer to do the opposite, talk you out of it, this way ensures you really are right for the dog and have considered its needs as much as your own. 

We breed working bloodlines, what does this mean?

Essentially the pedigree of our dogs has been selectived for generations to have the attributes that will better their ability to work for a living. As opposed to a dog which has been selectively bred to most resemble that of the breed standard, generally with a temperament intended for the family home. 

Added to this we genuinely utilise our dogs in working roles and sports. Breeding from animals who HAVE inherited working ability in order to strengthen those genes appearing in the next generation. You will find there are many breeders with 'working bloodlines' who don't train, compete or work their dogs, this is questionable in our view. We feel, to be able to produce true working dogs, you must be able to understand what is required in a good working animal, you can't respectfully do this, if you can't train the dog to a high standard to start with. The result of the incapable choosing to consider their dogs working bloodlines, is a buyer beware conundrum. Breeding inferior working dogs, will not create a better next generation and will only stand to dilute the ability and reputation of the breed.

A Morekos or Beskarhund pup is going to require plenty of mental and physical stimulation. We breed for our own needs, we keep our dogs to compete in sports and work in the field of detection.

If you are not recruiting the pup for a job, then sports should be a consideration for its future. Having a regular activity for you and your dog to take part in can have a very positive impact on the dogs well being and its manageability in the home. You don't need to be an accomplished dog trainer to get involved in sports these days. 'DogsAustralia' (Formerly known as the ANKC) has a large array of sports that our dogs excel in, including obedience, agility, tricks, scent work, tracking, lure coursing, backpacking, endurance, sheep herding, heelwork to music, dances with dogs and (springer spaniels only) RatG, retrieving and field trials. Outside of these sports are non-recognised events such as the 'bitey sports' (better suited to our GSD) such as IGP, KNPV, PSA, Mondio and novelty activities like 'dock dogs' (both breeds). While it is not essential to compete in order to keep the dogs mentally entertained, it is a recommendation. Regular exercise and enrichment through the use of quality toys are also a must as is ongoing training past puppy pre-school. The German Shepherd in particular requires quality training throughout its puppy and adolescent period, in order to have a manageable, respectable dog as an adult. If you still intend to own a working dog but are not interested in sports and aren't looking for a dog for a working role, then you must have a plan for the dogs upbringing and mental needs, you still need to provide the dog with a life of activity and mental stimulation, a walk each ight is not going to be enough. The dog needs to be a big part of its owners life, take part in activities like bush wlaking, hiking, running partner, swimming at the beach/river, games of fetch, etc. 

Work Prospects: Currently both Morekos and Beskarhund have produced puppies that have gone on to excel as professional detector dogs, police dogs and security dogs. We have had dogs become employed successfully in both Government dog units and with private enterprises. It is important however, to point out that there is no way to guarantee an 8 week old puppy is going to turn out perfect for a working role, as many factors will influence the pups potential, such as the way in which the pup is brought up, good vs bad experiences, development of its drive and critical thinking and most importantly the skills of the trainer.

In the home: All our dogs are 'house dogs', we feel it is important that the dogs have an 'off switch' and can settle when not in work. This doesn't mean the dog can be switched off all week and work for one hour when you're free. It just means if you provide for their needs, in turn they can comfortably relax in the home. you can expect to have a ball dumped on your lap in the evening when you laze in front of the TV, watch zoomies happen during outside toilet breaks and never go to the human toilet alone again. The dogs will form strong bonds to their people and be ready to get up and go, wherever you get up and go, even if that's just to the other room. Our GSD, will be territorial enough and have a presence to ward of strangers, our Springers do NOT. The springer may bark but let's face it, they are adorable and not very threatening looking. The GSD is not going to protect you or your house unless it is treated as part of the family and involved in daily activities indoors and out, neglecting it as an outside only guard dog, will see the dog look out for itself only and there's a good chance of it destroying your yard and possessions if their mental needs are not met, if you are after a security system then buy cameras and a back to base alarm. Training a GSD to security standard is not an amatuer task and the wrong trainig can destroy the temperament of the dog.

If you do have a working role, sport or active lifestyle, continue reading about how we raise our pups, recommended training and planned litters pages, to learn more about our dogs and puppies.

If you are time poor, not active, have little to no experience around dogs, or struggle with trianing dogs, this is not the breeder for you or the breeds you should be looking at.

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