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About Us

Morekos "A dog for every job"


When experience and knowledge matter.

Michelle and Nicky have been friends for many years since working together as vet nurses. Since then, both have followed their passion for dog training, earning qualifications and taking their sports and work to another level. Through working in the animal industry in a variety of different roles, including as a federal detector dog handler, conservation detector dog handler, wildlife hospital manager, animal matters investigators, security dog handling and more, Nicky and Michelle have a wealth of knowledge about all things dogs, be it health, behaviour, training and of course breeding, genetics and raising puppies.  This knowledge and expertise is crucial to get our pups off to the right start and keep our dogs on point in training and in work. 

Our Story

Michelle Started "Morekos" in 2010 and Nicky was always there as a best friend to help. When "Ada" (Morekos Dasyurus) arrived and became Nicky's Conservation detection dog, we started a more involved partnership with the dogs and Nicky went on to set up "Beskarhund", as her own prefix to breed under.


Between us we have a wealth of knowledge and are always striving to learn more and better our practices.

We are both passionate about bringing mentally and physically healthy dogs into the world that are intended for purpose. Our emphasis is on preserving the German Shepherd and English Springer Spaniels as working dogs. 

While the dogs we breed are best suited for, and prioritised to go in to working roles or with people interested in dog sports, they can also make wonderful companions for those who are looking for a dog to involve in everyday life, who can offer the dog plenty of mental and physical stimulation. New owners who are not involved in dog sports are still going to have to invest time and effort into training, the smarter the dog (GSD in particular) the more effort required to keep them from using their intelligence for the wrong reasons!

All our breeding dogs are screened for hip and elbow dysplasia and tested with a full breed profile through Orivet, to rule out or reduce the instances of inheritable disease. We train, compete and work our dogs to prove their capabilities. If we talk-the-talk, then we will walk-the-walk. 

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